Fast Response. Accurate images. Professional service

Trying to schedule and match ER clinical resources with the variability of patient demand can be extremely challenging.  From working with local ER's, we've discovered how to provide ultrasound services in a fast, accurate, and professional platform. It's our comprehensive approach to ultrasound imaging that will lead to your clinic's growth.

How WE work

  1. You call us whenever you require ultrasound services.

  2. We quickly arrive to provide Vascular, General and OB scans.

  3. Our registered and experienced staff scan your patient.

  4. The images are uploaded to your system for review.*


Our "hands-free" solution to ER staffing means you spending less time staffing, scheduling, and training and more time growing your clinic.

We charge per procedure plus a nominal on-call pager charge. That means our success is tied to yours.

We cover Basic, Mid Level, and Specialized procedures. For a detailed list of our services please contact a BB Imaging representative.

*If you lack the systems necessary, we can provide cloud storage and physician interpretation.