comprehensive ultrasound solutionS

Immediate Staffing Needs

We understand the fast-paced nature of the clinic and how quickly conditions can change. Whatever, the circumstance, we can provide support as early as today. 


Clinical Solutions

Whether you're in between recruitment cycles or need extra coverage, our staff and expertise will ensure your standard of premium patient care never falls. 

Custom Consulting

Take full advantage of our decades of operational expertise and partner with our executive leaders to optimize your clinic for fiscal and operational growth. 

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you gain access to 


Fetal Echo Imaging

High-Risk OB/GYN Imaging

Adult Echo, Vascular, and General Imaging

Diagnostic 3D & 4D Imaging

Spectral Doppler Analysis

Color Flow Mapping Capabilities 


The bb Imaging difference

The T.A. Model

Unseen elsewhere in the imaging field, BB Imaging pairs our Sonographers with a Technical Assistant. With the help of the T.A. facilitating the patient's admittance, vitals, and billing requirements, our sonographers can focus on delivering the highest level of patient care possible. It's this emphasis on operational efficiency that makes us the preferred partner in ultrasound. 

Partnered Growth

We take partnership seriously. That's why we tie our success to yours. By employing patient-based compensation, our efforts are better aligned with yours.  With a staff experienced in patient throughput and turnover, our desire is to see your clinic grow and flourish. Ask one of our partners about the BB Imaging difference.