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Self-care while serving others

We ended 2018 by giving our readers some ways to take care of themselves during the busy holiday season.  As we get back to regular work routines and start off a new year let’s look at how to take care of ourselves at work.  Sonographers and technical assistants in clinic can encounter long busy days.  We know our team members are intent on providing quality care and a good patient experience, often this includes sacrificing their own needs.

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The Solution to Work-Related Injuries

Our people are our most valuable asset here at BB Imaging, and so the ergonomics and work conditions of our employees is a topic that is always on our mind. Many people outside of the industry may not realize it, but all healthcare providers put their body on the line in the clinic on a daily basis. So the question is, how can we put an end to work-related injuries that seem to plague the industry?

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