Resolve to Keep it Going


In December we discussed some benefits of self-care both personally and professionally.  As we start the new year let's consider making a resolution to keep our momentum going. This month we take a look at smart watches and how the technology can benefit our lives.  We did some research into which watches are best in class.

There are many benefits to smart watch technology. These devices can help you with everything from organizing your day to improving your overall health.  For organizational purposes you can have a personal assistant on your wrist to track your day at a glance. Who doesn't need that?! For many professionals who use their hands on the job (including sonographers) the ability to send and receive information and track scheduling by voice command on their watch is groundbreaking for efficiency and effectiveness (Rahimi, 2015)

Another area in which smart watches are helping people improve their lives is tracking health and fitness information.  They can increase awareness of energy intake and output, track hydration and sleep patterns, and make us more mindful of our self-care.  At the very least the technology makes it harder to claim ignorance of our less than healthy habits (Rahimi, 2015).

The following links may provide some valuable information when making a smart watch choice.

  • These articles compare the Apple watch models currently available:

  • This article gives you the low down on Apple’s competition:


Whichever model you chose, we hope it helps you strengthen your resolve for self care in 2018.



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