How TA's Can Enhance Your Team


Last month we discussed technological advances and how they enhance quality of care as well as increase efficiency.  At BB Imaging we have found some unique individuals who do that for us as well.  We are incredibly thankful for our Technical Assistants (TAs). Many people are familiar with medical assistants at the doctor’s office. These are the folks who greet patients, take them to their rooms, get vitals, medical history and complete other clinical duties for the physicians. This service saves time for the doctors and makes for a more efficient visit for the patients.  Our TA team members perform much the same role for the ultrasound technician.  We arrive onsite as a team, our TA sets up the room, placing equipment, prepping the patient, and completing administrative duties. This valuable service allows our sonographers to come in and get straight to work. Not only does this cut down on the sonographer's workload, but it also allows us to provide a more focused experience for the patient. 

Adding this service was a critical business decision we made early on. After doing a time study we realized that only 60% of our sonographers' time was spent actually scanning. Up to 40% of their workload involved performing administrative and procedural tasks. This was an eye opener for us and the catalyst to adopt the technical assistant model.  The addition of this position has allowed us to stay on time,  allow for add-ons, and complete reports on time, all the while making it a better work experience for our team (how many people can say that?!).

What began as an exercise in improving the bottom line has become a way of life for us; with the benefits clearly exceeding dollars and cents. Because of our technical assistants our patients receive a more focused and comprehensive diagnostic experience. As a mobile service we practice in many different facilities with different procedural systems.  There are even different procedures within the same facility depending on which department we serve. Our technical assistants are a Jack (or Jill) of all trades as they serve as liaison between the sonographer, the physicians, office staff, and patients at each facility.  They learn the ins and outs and navigate them well to the benefit of everyone involved. 

Last but certainly not least our TA’s enhance the careers of our ultrasound technicians. Our technicians are able come in and do what they are trained to do knowing that the procedural and administrative tasks are in good hands.  They are free to focus on the scan and the patient in front of them with very little distraction. This cuts down on fatigue which leads to better quality of care.

Having a team member to help you through the day is invaluable to our sonographers and to our organization as a whole.  All this to say, we are so grateful for our TA’s!